Chinesisch Lernen

Chinese Studies


One-to-one teaching

For children from the age of five.

We respond individually to the needs of your children in order to achieve the greatest possible learning success.

Einzelunterricht für Kinder
Einzelunterricht für Kinder


For children from the age of eight.

Small group two to six children 

New course starts at the end of March 2023

1.5 hours per week

Limited number of places.

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Online Unterricht für Kinder

Online Children's Courses

For children from the age of eight.

Your children learn together in groups of up to eight students and benefit from exchange and mutual motivation.

Children learn Chinese characters with ease

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 learn Chinese characters more easily than the alphabet. Children can do more with the pictorial signs than with the abstract letters, which have no meaning in the first step.

You should therefore start learning Chinese as early as possible.